Water Feature Eastbourne

Columbus Point Water Feature, Sovereign Harbour South, Eastbourne

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The Water Feature

The water feature on the Columbus Point development at Sovereign Harbour South, Eastbourne, is one of the largest in Europe. The 310 metres long, anchor-shaped concrete structure, comprising channels, cascades and basins, and fitted with fountains and pedestrian bridges, was officially opened in December 2003.

Owners of 369 residential properties (houses and apartments) in the area are covenanted in their deeds to pay for the management, running and maintenance of the water feature.

In March 2015, the water feature entered a new era when full ownership of  Columbus Point (Management Company) Limited (CPMCL), the company set up for the purpose of managing the feature, was transferred from the developer to the collective control of the local property owners.

How to Contact Us or Join Our Email Distribution List

For further information please contact CPMCL at: directors@cpmcl.co.uk

Please use the same email address to apply to join our MailChimp distribution list which we use to email updates and news about the water feature. When applying it would be helpful if you included your property address.

For service charge and company matters please see the contacts page.

Please visit the Latest News page for recent updates.

Please report water feature faults to
Fell Reynolds.
Tel: 01303 228 688

 The water in the feature is dosed with chemicals to restrict algae growth, so entering the water is
ill-advised and prohibited.

 water feature pathway